Brains & heart

About 2 years ago, I had a discussion with a priest, who told me that the human brain could not survive without the human heart.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about that, because I don’t think it makes sense.
She attributed it to the spirit residing in the heart, or something along those lines.
While I think it’s an interesting thought, there’s absolutely nothing to base it on. At least not to my knowledge.
Also because most other religions attribute the soul to living in the brain, as your “third eye” or something like that.

But I digress.
My understanding of biology is that the entire body, the sensations we experience, and the readings you get from your skin is transferred to your brain as electric impulses.
And if there’s something we know a BIT about, it’s electric impulses.
So why shouldn’t we be able to emulate all of these electrical impulses?
What stops us from, at some point when we know enough about these impulses, pulling the spine and brain out of a body and emulating everything else?
As far as I know, nothing.

It’s an exciting future ahead.


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