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Things that irrationally annoy me

In no particular order:

  • People writing “Følger” or “Following..” on facebook instead of clicking the fucking button saying “Get notifications for this post.
  • People writing "Thanks for the add” in facebook groups. Unless it’s a secret group or you get a blowjob for even fucking signing up; SHUT THE FUCK UP unless you have something of value to add.
  • People walking slow
  • Lists with only 4 points.

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Well, I went ahead and did it

So, for the last, well, since I started university, I have felt out of place in it.
It taught me concepts, but not how to apply them, it taught me algorithms, but not why they were important in a specific case, it taught me to break down problems, but not solve them and follow the solution out the door.

What I’m trying to say is, they didn’t teach us to apply ourselves to a workforce, but rather an academic one.

And that’s just not the way I am wired.

So, as response to that, I have taken a years “leave of absence”, where I’ll work at an awesome startup called Apacta.
I will be solving actual problems and shipping actual solutions

Will I return to University?

Some people say yes, others say no.

Me? I have no idea.

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I hate it here: Bikes in Aalborg

IHIH (I Hate it here) will be my ranting and raving blog posts about stuff I hate. So here we go:

I hate it here: Bikes in Aalborg
What. The. Fuck.
Take a bike-ride down to the center of Aalborg and let the incompetence of your fellow bikers seep into you.
I have the “pleasure” of biking to class every day, and the amount of people not knowing how to operate a simply concept such as a “gear”.

And beyond that, most people do not know how to actually adjust their saddle to it’s proper position.


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The Autodidact and The University

So. As some of you may know, I am currently attending university. And to be honest, it’s not going well. Not well at all.

I’m not following the lectures, I’m not really passionate about the project I am working on for “school”. I would much stay home, and work.

But society demands that I get an education, (or rather the 40k DKK a month average start salary does) and so I find myself struggling with how to complete this shit.

During a conversation about this, my father asked me: “Well, how’d you learn PHP” and the answer is: I taught myself. Off of the internet.

So who the fuck is to say I can’t do the same thing with University, at least for this semester?

Here goes everything!

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I forget

It seems that every time I decide to blog again, I sort of forget.
So that sucks.

Let’s see if I can’t do anything about that, probably not.

As for exercise, I had a break over the holidays which I really regret, as starting again sucks balls. Keeping it going was easier.

In other news I have decided to try and join the Danish National Guard. So we’ll see how that goes!

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This needs to change

So, I am standing outside a gym, waiting for a friend, and then I will enter and use a gym for the first time ever. And I find my self contemplating, why haven’t I done this before?

I make my money using my brain.
My brain depends on my body to work properly.

I should have been here for the first time years ago.

We, as a species, needs to make exercise more readily available.
We, as geeks, need to make exercise cool in our own circles.

Here we go.
See you on the other side!

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The 4chan parser - #2

The project proved to be easier than expected.

I started by looking at the HTML “make-up” of 4chan’s /b/ board, I noticed that each thread on the frontpage, each thread had a CSS class called “thread”. So I looped over those with BeautifulSoups .find_all() function.

That found each of the threads.

After that, I extracted the ID From the thread and a link to the thread.
Then I opened that using urlopen().
I iterated over all divs with the class postContainer.
Inside of those, I found all anchors that had fileThumb as class and got the “href” from those links, downloaded those and bam. Done!

Shitty technical writings aren’t my thing apparently

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The 4chan parser - #1

So, I’m interested in parsing 4chan.com’s /b/ board and scanning it for keywords.
It will document my progress on this page.

I have decided to use Python, as I would like to expand my knowledge of different programming languages.

As HTML parser I have chosen to use Beautiful Soup

So far, I have gotten capturing the HTML down and parsing the “top” of each post. Onwards!

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Brains & heart

About 2 years ago, I had a discussion with a priest, who told me that the human brain could not survive without the human heart.

And I’ve been thinking a lot about that, because I don’t think it makes sense.
She attributed it to the spirit residing in the heart, or something along those lines.
While I think it’s an interesting thought, there’s absolutely nothing to base it on. At least not to my knowledge.
Also because most other religions attribute the soul to living in the brain, as your “third eye” or something like that.

But I digress.
My understanding of biology is that the entire body, the sensations we experience, and the readings you get from your skin is transferred to your brain as electric impulses.
And if there’s something we know a BIT about, it’s electric impulses.
So why shouldn’t we be able to emulate all of these electrical impulses?
What stops us from, at some point...

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